Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't forget your HOLIDAY CARDS!

Christmas is by far, my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it; the music, the snow, the excitement, the love, the shopping, the joy, the wrapping, the cookies and milk with an occasional carrot if we happen to have one, the happiness, the decorations, the lights, the memories, the movies and especially the cards! Every year I have to come up with, photograph and create a card that is better than the year before. I look forward to it, it's honestly like a month long process.
I know how fast the season slips by, how busy we are and how little time we have left to actually put any thought into our cards. I make it easy for you and have templates already designed to choose from. If you don't see anything that interests you, let me know I can design something to suit your needs.
I'm still designing cards daily so be sure to check back often!!

Here was our card from last year...

Cards, prices and information all listed on my website. Please click the link to be taken directly to the page.
Holiday cards

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Cheryl said...

As always, you have some amazing shots. I wish there was someone like you or Krystal close to me, then I wouldn't be trying to figure out what to do for a family portrait.