Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Website confusion!!!

I do have a big posted update from the weekend but that will have to wait for now.
My wonderful girlfriend Julie informed me my website wasn't linking to the site (as she loves to follow my 365, god love her!).
I linked the problem back to my domain server and it seems to have expired on 2/1. I WOULD have known that but since my email address has changed since I registered I have not received any of the notices.
It is now in redemption and can take up to 80 days to be released. Which the very last day would be April 20th but it could be as soon as March 15th (which has already passed so it could be any day).

SO since is NOT linking to my site you must type until I get this fixed and THIS will take you to my 365

That also means that the email will not forward my emails so you must use for me to receive emails.

If I have confused anyone, deeply sorry, just reply here as a comment and I will get back to you!!!

THANKS! sorry for the inconvinience!


Anonymous said...

yep I tried to view your 365 as well(which I love!) I love to follow along with you and your pictures. ~Kristin (miss you!)

Heather Cicione said...

Thanks Kristin!! I love hearing when people follow along. It gives me ALL the more reason NOT to give up on it!! Some days I come close.