Sunday, October 26, 2008

Capture Rochester details!

I've been meaning to update forever on the Capture Rochester party...of course...but just kept putting it off.

We were over an hour late (for good reason, Nina's team placed FIRST at the RIT cheer competition!!) and had missed the introductions and awards.

Here were the following Capture Rochester details:

*7,628 participants in contest

*25,917 photos entered

*1,501,278 votes cast

*249 photos in the book

*24 prize winners

Not only was I one of the 24 prize winners but I had FOUR images in the book!!

This image won the award for 'MOST LOVED' photo and had almost a full 2 page spread! GO MEE!!!

The other three images in the book were

The book is amazing and is filled with extremely amazing photos. So many beautiful Rochester landscape photos...really makes me wish I had the eye for that type of stuff. For now I guess I'll just stick to being content with the people images I take. It's a wonderful feeling when others recognize and admire your work. Makes me feel like I have a right to be doing what I am doing. Sometimes being self taught I doubt myself and wish I had the 'real' education to back it up.


Always Inspire said...

I totally know what you mean about being self taught...I hear ya.

Congrats Heather, you are so deserving! Proud of ya sista!


Heather Cicione said...

THANK you Jules!!!

Anonymous said...