Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cleaning out the hard drive

We have a ton of life changes going on in the near future. To make my life easier I'm trying to get all the simple things done now before the big move and most importantly before the baby comes (all in less than 16 weeks!!) Not to mention the 2 weddings I have before then. Weddings, however, are a breath of fresh air for me; I am doing nothing other than being in the moment with that couple, their friends and family, for the day. It's invigorating!
My first plan was to clean out the hard drive which is going fairly well. I'm still slacking on catching up with personal pictures but that's next!
In the meantime, I found a session that was never blogged and because I took off from sessions I need to blog SOMETHING!


Christie said...

Wait... did I miss something? I know I just found your blog recently, so forgive me. Are you expecting again? If so, woohoo! Congrats!

Miss J said...

OMG I love that second to last one! How hilarious! He's such a cute little fellow too.

16 weeks to go! Your pregnancies always fly by for me! haaa

Christie said...

Congratulations, Heather! I had no idea you were expecting #4! I always knew you weren't done with Marea, though...LOL! So, I am the only person on the planet not on FaceBook, but maybe I will join soon. Things are just too hectic right now, and I sure as hell don't need another internet addiction, so... But I love your blog and will be here often if you don't mind!