Saturday, September 5, 2009

{ Kim + Chris }

It has been ions, I know, I know. Shame on me and my inability to blog like a "normal" person. Okay, so since I'm not normal, it's all good!!!

I traveled to Ithaca, New York for the amazing Kim Insalaco (Wikipedia her~~ sorry Kim, but it's just too cool) and Christopher Legg's wedding (just because he's not wikipedia-able, doesn't make him any less fabulous;) ) Did I mention I was 38 weeks pregnant? I was more worried about leaving Kim empty handed than having the baby a hundred miles away from home.

Usually I like to go in order photowise...but whatever right?!
and I need to find a new blog template....this one doesn't let me post em' XTRA LARGE...


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Leigh Ann Hines Photography said...

beautiful couple, beautiful wedding. I love seeing all the fun shots.