Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dreams vs. Reality

So often I wish I had the chance to just sit down and blog.  Blog about anything and everything, simply to keep this thing alive!
Life with 4 children is no simple task.  Some may think, 'what does she DO all day'?  Well let's take today for example, an hourly play by play.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

~ wake up around 7:45ish (yes I NEED to sleep in, Talia still wakes me up every 1-3 hours.  If not Talia, it's Marea or Gianna with a bad dream)
~ Get Nina ready and on the bus (I know, she's pretty self-sufficient but I'm still there so she's not 'alone' once Jesse leaves for work, and is there until 10pm)
~ 8:20 get dressed super fast, wake Gianna and Marea (who would sleep all day if they were allowed) and usually Talia's awake and fed by now.  Feed them, dress them, wash them up and jump into the car.
~ 9:15 at the gym to make my bodypump class.  If I'm too late (which I usually am ) I'll just do lots of cardio.
~ 11:15 leave the gym and fly home.  Get Gianna ready for the bus.
~ 11:45 Gianna's bus comes and takes her away while I put Marea and Talia on my bed with a show so I can fly through an unwashed hair day shower.
~12:20 Get in the car to take Marea to school.  Run to Dunkin Donuts for my LARGE raspberry iced tea to keep me semi awake.
~ back home to TRY and put Talia to bed...usually she fights me for a bit (she's only had a short nap so far on the drive home from the gym).
~ 1:45 Talia's in her bed yelling for me as I sit here and blog.  Typically now I would be cleaning up from breakfast and the mess of toys, dance bags, mail, markers, books and everything else messy that surrounds me.
~ 2:15 (on a good day Talia has been napping since 12:50 so I wake her up to get her into the car to go pick Marea up from school).  Today I'm not sure a nap is happening since she is crying upstairs but is undoubtedly tired.  (she JUST fell asleep at 2pm...poor baby will only get a 20 min. nap)
~ 2:35 get Marea from school, as pokey as she is and fly back home to greet Gianna's kindergarten bus.
~2:50 Gianna is home from school (ONCE I was late and Mr. bus driver let Gianna off the bus and into the EMPTY house...true story.  Now he waits until he sees me, I'm sure he wants to keep his job.)  I usually get everyone snacks, check over homework folder and start on homework.
~3:30 Nina gets home from school.  Get her a snack, check her folder.  Get Nina and Gianna dressed for dance.
~ 4:10 get in the car and head to dance which is a close 30 minutes away (Webster to N. Greece...I must be nuts but I whole heartedly LOVE Performance Plus and would never think of not driving there 4 days for my girls)
~ 4:45-6:30 sit at dance and chat with the moms while holding Talie who is now completely exhausted because she doesn't get normal 7 month old baby naps.
~ 6:45 head home. Wednesday night is Puke Donalds night for the girls (in the car on the drive home).  Easy, breezy who has time to cook??  I opt for a salad at home, these extra 10lbs won't come off by eating out everynight.
~ 7:20 home and baths.  Read stories, finish up homework.  Get Talia in bed.
~9:30 usually the time everyone is in bed and settled down.  Marea MAKES me lay with her.  bad habit I know but if I don't she's wondering around until I do.  After a long day I typically fall asleep in bed with her until Talia wakes me up for the first time of the night, around 11/12ish.
Then I'm up every 2-3 hours until I wake up the next morning at 7:45 and start all over.

So, being a stay at home mom is....did you say...easy?  You haven't even SEEN the pile of laundry downstairs.

Not every day is this full.  Saturday and Sundays we are FREE.  No plans, no places to be, usually my day to get caught up on laundry and anything business related.  This is the sole reason I only take so many weddings and sessions at a time.  When it's wedding season I'm usually up until 2-3am editing until my eyes will no longer stay open.

Why?  I LOVE what I do.  I adore taking photos, capturing moments, being that person who makes it all possible for you to look back into your albums and see what was caught on film years before.

Often I dream of the day where I am allowed to do nothing but photography.  Then I realize once my dream becomes reality I will have nobody here who needs me.  Nobody to help tie their shoes, or get them dressed, no one to rock to sleep or read a book too.  Everything I know right now, will be over.  So while I wish and dream to live my life I know it all can wait because I won't be right here, where I am now, for long.

So on days when I don't get a chance to get to the post office, or I take a bit longer to return your call or email, please understand and know that I truly meant to, I just had other things on my mind. 

Most likely I've just made myself late picking Marea up from school, which then makes Gianna's bus late dropping other kids off...but it was a few moments well spent.  I haven't posted any pictures since Talia was born SEVEN months ago.  yes, SEVEN.  She is now sitting, eating, saying 'hi dada', getting up on hands and knees and crawls backwards (that's my girl!!  everything isn't always right in front of you!!) and even took her first big girl bath with her sisters.  I'm sure in 10 years they'll find this blog and the picture of themselves in the bath and be upset with me.  It's all good.

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Julie said...

Love it! And you know, I've been thinking the same thing I wish I had more time to spend on my little modest shop, but then if I did have more time, that would mean that the boys didn't need me anymore. I love taking care of them, and cherish this time that will be over before we know it. Love you lots! And I don't know how you do it!