Monday, October 22, 2012

Ashlee + Tony [married]

I have no idea how I get so lucky.  Adoring couples, gorgeous weddings, perfect weather, you know, the stuff dreams are made of.  Their dreams, my dreams, we all end up blissfully happy!

Ashlee and Tony (who's brother's wedding I shot last year) were married this past Saturday at St. John's in Spencerport.  I was beaming when I first met with Ashlee and Tony who had mentioned something about a horse, and a mansion.  I LOVE different, out of the box, not the normal wedding type ideas.  I get inspired, creative and excited when I'm not shooting in the same location time after time.  Before the ceremony and after the Hyatt we quickly headed over to Ashlee's mom's house to capture some moments between her and her horse.  Unfortunately, Ashlee in full sparkly wedding attire, and the few of us on edge because the ceremony was supposed to start in 15 minutes, had been sensed by the horse and I knew I only had a few clicks to get what I could.  We then headed over to St. Johns for the ceremony.  Afterwards we were privileged to shoot at the Strong-Todd mansion (yes as in Henry Strong, first president of Kodak, has a large hospital named after him).  A complete DREAM, I wish I had hours with them there.  Time was not endless, they had a party to attend, and off to Blue Heron we were.  Lora Ann Photography second shot for me, love that girl, I just have to figure how to get her Nikon images off the cards with my Canon only skills.  and now I'll shut up and post some images....

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