Friday, February 29, 2008

Off to colder climate....

The last time I went anywhere it was with bikini in hand, this time I'm bringing the Under Armour. I'm off this weekend to the windy, coooold, city of Chicago for a photography workshop. Saturday is a full day of shooting various models, brides, couples and children. Something I feel will give me great insight for my 2 upcoming weddings (that I am SO extremely excited about).

Surrounding myself with fabulous photographer friends Kate Crafton, Krystal Muellenburg, Julia from Salty Grapes, Nikki Z from Dreambug Productions who doesn't quite have her website up and running and a few other girls with cameras.

Once I get back I'll be prepping myself for the big 30th birthday on the 12th. I thought when I was getting close to 30 that I would feel, um, old. My only saving grace is knowing that 60 is the new 40. That must mean that 30 is the new 20!! WHOOO HOOO!!

Leaving you with an image that made Jesse and I laugh so loud I'm surprised we didn't wake them. Only Gianna would crawl into bed with Nina, pink fuzzy cheetah mask and all.


Krystal Muellenberg said...

it was SO nice too see you. i am SO SO glad you came! what did you guys end up doing on sat night?

K. Crafton said...

I had such a fantastic time with you all!

Salty Grapes said...

Woo!!! It was so much fun meeting you... =) I can't wait to see all your shots. And hey, I love the new tag line!