Friday, March 7, 2008

Chicago IS the windy city!

Chicago is an amazing city and I feel lucky to have had this experience. I am amazed that even in the dead of winter it is STILL windy!
Friday was a rough day of travel since the moment of take off. The snow came in right at 5:30 and left us sitting on the runway for over an hour. Fearing I'll miss my connection in Philly I race to the gate only to see another delay. Instead of arriving in at 9:30pm, it is now past 11pm and with confidence I walk outside, grab a cab which hauls me to the Whitehall Hotel for a whooping $40. All in all my first trip alone to a new city was a pleasant one. Surprisingly, I felt safe.

Saturday morning we head to the other girls hotel and start shooting our first bride. Finished shooting grabbed some lunch and headed back to the Whitehall to meet the kids. About 3ish we wrapped it up with them, took the elevator up to the room were we passed out and missed the couple shoot. I was disappointed but it was enough to keep me going through are nighttime bride. I'll have many pictures to post I still need to get through them which may take me a few days.

So instead I borrowed a picture from Nikki of some of us girls.
(L to R) Kim, Me, Nikki, Kate, Krystal and Julia.
I couldn't have hand picked a better group of girls. I think we've turned this into a yearly get together. Who knows what city will hold us next!!

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Salty Grapes said...

Do ALL photographers know how to work the camera and smile so perfectly? =) Look at all those perfect teeth. Hee hee!

It was such fun hanging out with you!