Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life with a Diva AND a wedding

So everyone probably wonders why I always say I'm sooo busy. Life with 3 children IS crazy, especially when your just turned 4 year old insists on dressing herself, ONLY wearing dresses AND high heels (even to school) and is very demanding. Nina is great, super easy but just doesn't get along with Gianna sometimes. Marea is sweet, slightly mischievous and just doesn't play well with Gianna sometimes.
Does this explain it any better? On her cell phone making play dates with her 'boyfriend' Angelo.

I have more sessions to edit through, pictures to post, annoucements to make but first I am off this afternoon to photograph Natalie and Mike's wedding. I'm SUPER excited!! They are going to be so much!

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Teri Kirby said...

My God, how I miss hearing all about Miss Diva Gianna! She's so freaking adorable (as all your girls are... but her little diva stories crack me up).