Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dream Big

There are no words to describe how fast not only the days go by but more importantly the weeks. For the longest time I kept wishing for the day when the girls were all in school and I was alone for a few hours just to devote 100% to this career that I just absolutely ADORE. After seeing Nina today looking OH so grown up in her communion dress, I was reminded how precious time truly is. A few years ago she was a baby in her baptism gown and some day, not to far off, she'll be that young woman in her wedding gown. sniff, sniff. I have to remember that even when times are at their craziest, even when Gianna is driving me so crazy I want to hang her by her feet from the front Oak tree, I will NEVER get this time back. People always told me 'enjoy them, they grow so fast', I always shrugged it off in hopes that they would. I'm finally beginning to understand what they meant.
I've learned through experience that survival is easiest when you choose your battles ,that an it's OK to let your child pick out her own clothes, sometimes waffles ARE the best dinner and that kisses and hugs fix almost everything (my heart breaks thinking of the days when they won't). Being the children (or cousin) of a photographer gives them the opportunities for not always taking life so seriously.

Life is SUPPOSED to be fun when their young...many of us forget it's supposed to be fun when we're old too.

A song I heard a few years ago taught me a wonderful way to live life, it taught me to "Dream Big'. Make sure to listen to the song, you'll love it.


Anonymous said...

I've always liked that song too...and I needed it today...xoxo little mama...I have no doubt that every single one of your dreams will come true, and you deserve them...

love jordan

Heather Cicione said...

That is definitely a 'you' song! Your still the best! Can't wait for your wedding!!

Unique Gowns said...

Love the pic of the three children... brought a smile to my face. Great idea Dana


Salty Grapes Photography said...

Hahahaha! I adore that shot... your girls are just so gorgeous!!! =)

Krystal Muellenberg said...

your girls are SO cute!