Sunday, June 1, 2008

Come Vote on my Photos!!

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle is putting together a coffee table album of photos from people in the community. I've uploaded a few pictures and plan to upload many more!! If you think they are worthy than help a sister out and go vote!!

All you need to do is go to search and type in Heather Cicione. It will bring up all my photos.

I would LOVE to include some photos from all of my wonderful clients sessions but would like your approval first. If you don't mind me sharing some from your session just leave me a little comment to this post and give me a thumbs up! Wouldn't it be great to see your children or yourselves in a book that many will see?


Allison Bottoni said...

Feel free to use photos from our session!

Heather Cicione said...

Thank you Allison!!

Anonymous said...

Heather, everyone comments on the black and white photo you took of my son Christopher when you did our family christmas picture's at Tara's house. If you still have a copy of that you are welcome to use it. Laurie (Tara's sister)

Sean said...

You can use any of Olivia's pictures! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather, you can use any of our pictures if you want! Natalie