Monday, June 16, 2008

Where am I?

Spring is the CRAZIEST time of year, for all of us I'm sure. I hate always saying 'I'm so busy, I'm so busy' so I thought I'd elaborate a bit and let you know 'YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!'

Some of you know my husband, Jesse, is the sales manager at Vision Ford. If any of you know management in the auto business you know about their 60+ hour work weeks. This basically leaves me as 'THE MOM' 24/7. Although I must admit when he's home he helps out immensely, like getting Nina up, ready and on the bus in the mornings (thank god for that extra 1/2 hour of sleep!). Taking care of 3 girls is a task in itself, add the laundry, cleaning, meals, playing, driving, shopping, play dates and of course parenting.

I am thankful dance is over, for now, that was a killer. Now we are on to softball 2 nights a week, my fourth year coaching, which I adore. Bring in the gym 3 mornings a week, no it's not mandatory but to it's the only thing I do for myself. Saturday afternoons lead us to tumbling, preparation for Fall Vikings Cheer leading. Speech for Gianna Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The last month of school holds many family activities. Preschool gives us picnics at the zoo and graduation celebrations. 2nd grade starts with flag day, sports day, center stage and the Penny carnival. I somehow managed to think I could handle being room parent this year, I'm sure the classroom parents are sick of me calling them!

In June the weather typically is ideal for outdoor family portraits so sessions pick up. Editing is necessary because I adore the look it gives, bright colors, deep contrasty black and whites. I obviously can't edit during the day since my little monsters won't let me so I tend to spend all night in front of my computer.

My first SOLO wedding was Natalie and Mike's in April. I'm sure by now she could kill me as she hasn't even seen her pictures yet. I didn't realize I set the wrong white balance through the WHOLE ceremony and reception leaving all my images yellow. Completely fixable just a pain the butt to do. I owe you BIG, not sure just yet how I will compensate.

Births are plentiful in the spring making way for birth announcements and newborn sessions. I've just finished the most amazing renewal reception invitations for my wonderful client Rebecca who just renewed her wedding vows in Cabo, talk about amazing. I'll have to post once she gets them out in the mail, they should be delivered from the printer to my house today or tomorrow.

I have inquires on weddings for this and next year, I need to return phone calls. I HAVE NOT forgotten you if you have not heard back from me yet. You are on my VIP list of must do's ASAP!!

I managed to say 'okay' to doing the new car customer call backs for my husband. I thought the extra easy $300 a month would be nice. The thought of having to call over 100 people a month is starting to show me it's not that important.

Marea turns 2 on Friday, the 20th. Today is the 16th and I haven't managed to get her invitations out for her party on the 22nd. Hopefully we can have it the following Sunday instead. I have yet to call Heberle Stables to rent the pony. I just put Nina's First Communion Thank Yous in the mail today, aye. Did I mention how I thought it'd be a great idea to invite Nina's whole class of 19 over for an Ice Cream Social on Saturday?

I will be grateful for July when the madness seizes and I can get back to what I love most, Photography. Please bear with me until this month is over, we are already 1/2 way through it!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my word do you do it?? Good luck my dear..and just know that all of us love you and know that you and your amazing talent are worth the wait. Keep your head up girl and enjoy all the festivities..


Jordan xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

don't worry, we are patient people! Just do your magic, we can't wait to see them!
Michael and Natalie

Anonymous said...

your post made me smile, only because I can so relate. You seem to handle it all so much mroe graceful than I though....


Heather Cicione said...

Aww, thanks ladies! I just wanted everyone to know that I love doing what I do, I just can't squeeze it all in and still make it perfect. I am a perfectionist by nature!
Thanks for being patient!