Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me and my girls!

While toward the end of my 365 day project last year (or rather MY end since I cut it early) I photographed my first 'solo' wedding ever, Natalie and Mike's in April of 2008. All the girls in the wedding were following along at that time and thought it'd be great to make an appearance in one of my days. This is where the trend began of taking my last photo of the night as a self portrait of the bride and myself. I guess I could have included the groom but when does a groom want to be pulled away at the end of the night in the midst of partying to have his picture taken with the photographer? RIGHT!

SO BRIDES.... keep in mind, at the end of the night be prepared for me to set up the camera and take a self timed portrait of the 2 of us!!! and if you can convince your groom, I'd be more than happy to scootch over and make some room for him too!!


Krystal Muellenberg said...

that is so fun! makes me wish i would have done this!

Julie said...

What a fantastic idea!