Tuesday, December 7, 2010

helllooo hellooooo hellooooooooo

By the looks of this blog you must be thinking I crawled myself into a dark corner and never found my way out. Perhaps I did. Those of you with 4 or more kids can certainly understand how tempting that may sound!!! However that is not the case at all, it's quite the opposite. I have been so busy with this booming business AND my home life that I need to make sacrifices in other places.  One being this blog, my facebook fan page and my poor, poor neglected and outdated website.  Unfortunately those places are what keeps me going, what keeps you coming back to me.  I must learn to take the time to UPDATE and show off all of the amazing sessions we've had.
I'll just leave you with a sweet sweet moment until I finish up these last holiday cards and my final weddings that I can't wait to share....

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Anonymous said...

God you are amazing!!! That picture says so much ..