Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olivia's 3 month session

I absolutely adore photographing this family. Little Olivia is just a doll, honestly, her little face is so perfect she looks just like a doll! I seemed to time this session wrong, knowing babies work best early morning; I arrived a bit after lunch time. While she wasn't crabby in the least giving me lots of smiles early on, you can see from the photos a nap was clearly the first thing on her mind.

I do have to admit, I think this may be one of my most favorite captures ever. The feelings of love, admiration, and joy that a child brings her mother is so beyond anything else, that when you can see it in an image, it's just moving. And Allison being just so naturally beautiful it draws your eye to the photo.

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asbottoni said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures! We are so happy we chose you to document Olivia's life in pictures!! Each session becomes more enjoyable, especially Steve "falling off his rocker"! :)