Friday, September 26, 2008

It's been forever....

which typically happens to 'side-tracked' Heather. Summer has come and gone and I've yet so many things to do!! I am still waiting on my new website since the one up now is terribly outdated. Thoughts of a new logo, same idea, just better designed seem to be my first plan of attack, then the rest will follow.
Crazy child schedules leave me no time for much other than working on editing past weddings and sessions which are my main priority right now. It's hard when you have so many ideas and aspirations and you just can't make them happen because you need to do other things first.
I do want to add that EMAIL is the BEST way to reach me now. I never know when I will have the chance to talk on the phone and most likely it's not going to be the time that it ringing, Of course.

I have sessions to post, a few weddings.... First I want to post a few of the girls from the summer.

I'm booking up quickly for 2009 weddings. To keep my sanity and to still allow me to be a full time mom I have to limit how many I take.

My biggest excitement is the release of the NEW Canon 5D MarkII which goes on sale in November. So many times I have put that old 5D in my shopping cart at B&HPhotovideo wanting a full frame camera, I couldn't be more ecstatic that I waited.

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LaFlacaD aka Dianne said...

I know very well the feeling of wanting to do so much and having time limit your capabilities to do so. One day at a time and you'll manage to make the dreams you have into realities.

Girls are getting so big. Time certainly does fly.